H1N1 Conspiracy Voiced By The People

May 7, 2009


As the H1N1 Conspiracy gathers pace around the world people are starting to ask questions – literally disregarding any strong feelings they might have held against alleged ‘conspiracies’.  Even people who are happy to accept official statements are trying to suppress their new feelings that something just isn’t right with the worldwide outbreak of a new strain of H1N1.

Each day thousands of posts appear around the net from the mainstream media that almost border on hysteria yet if you read further down to the ‘comments’ section of most stories you’ll be greeted by the general public’s views – most claiming that this is nothing more than fear mongering on the governments part.  People can see through the facade and hype that underlies the story.

With more and more people not willing to play into the hands that feed us the stories, a new, long term worry is forced upon us – the next wave.

Anne Schuchat, a scientist with the US Center for disease control, has warned that the new strain of H1N1 could mutate and form a much more deadly outbreak to occur in the coming autumn and winter months.  The WHO has also warned that the severity of the virus is still unknown and also mentioned the possibility of a second wave that could be much worse over the coming months.

With so many ‘general’ strains of flu it is impossible to predict how the new strain will react when it meets one of these general strains and could merge to form a fast spreading deadly strain.  A second wave is very possible – much like the Spanish Flu outbreak in 1918.  The government was slow to react to that outbreak and didn’t even warn the public or offer advice until the second wave was rife.

Much has already been publicised about the Swine Flu conspiracy with claims that the pandemic is nothing more than a wild hoax or that it could be a weaponized version of H1N1 released on us in order to combat the overpopulation of the world.  The list of conspiracies grows daily and the one thing that shines through is that the people don’t believe what they are being told.

British people have a long standing history of showing their stiff upper lip and not giving in to pressure to run scared or hide away.  For years the British people carried on with normal life whilst the IRA carried out bombing campaigns.  When the 7/7 attacks took place the British people continued with life as normal and refused to give into fear and scaremongering from above.  Even when further attacks were planned, the British public carried on with life as if nothing was happening that could threaten our freedom.

Now with the pandemic underway, and the WHO saying that the level could rise to 6 (the highest level) any day now, the British people are carrying on with life as normal – no one would ever know that a pandemic was working it’s way through the country if the media wasn’t reporting it 24/7.

When it came to light that the U.S was stockpiling coffins and body bags there was almost near hysteria the ensued.  The Telegraph, a reputable news outlet in the UK (mainstream) reported that the UK government already had plans for dealing with up to 750,000 corpses that could be a problem to dispose of if a pandemic were to take hold – still no reaction from the British public.

So will the ‘stiff upper lip’ be the British people’s downfall?

We now know that H1N1 is spreading via person to person in the UK, it is therefore completely possible that the virus is already circulating freely amongst us.  By keeping to the British tradition we are in fact unwittingly spreading the virus faster than it would be able to if were to lock ourselves away.

Knowing that the British public are not prone to attacks of fear or hysteria and are not easily scared by the media hype of any pending pandemic or one that is upon us already could cause us more problems if and when a second wave hits.

A Second Wave Could Be Less Dangerous Because Of The British Attitude

Looking at this from another view point could be that the British attitude to the pandemic will help us from a second wave that has the potential to be much more deadly.  The WHO has warned that the virus is showing only mild symptoms due to the summer months and when the autumn and winter seasons get started a second wave could follow and be much deadlier than the first.

With the British people walking around now and having the potential to be spreading the virus through the whole of Britain, our immune systems are able to get a taste of what is to come.  This is well known in the medical world to build up a defence against viruses.*

Could it be that by showing the ‘stiff upper lip’ that the British people will be ready to fend off any further outbreaks in the coming months?

Only time will tell.

*  This is based purely on speculation and not medical advice.

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4 Responses to “H1N1 Conspiracy Voiced By The People”

  1. Thomas B Says:

    All I know is when I grew up in Canada, most of the early infant killers and polio were non existent. Now we live in a quasi police state, have never been unsafer from crime or gov’t, a euphenism for the cult controlled puppets and new diseases are popping up like spring lillies; Sars, bird flu, swine flu and the corporate owned media can’t spew it out enough. Wasn’t Rumsfeld a CEO with the pharmaceutical company that had the only anti virus for one of these flu’s. They’ll kill a few, maybe a few thousand, maybe a few hundred thousand or more when they decide. It’s disgusting however, they can since we simply gather in the slaughter pens and await our destiny as defined by the one eyed pyramid. Sound outrageous? So do these diseases. I’m surprise they haven’t contaminated our water supply or perhaps they have…everyone is drinking bottled water over what the creator gave us so all they must do is put some simpleton juice in it and we’ll be retards

  2. john h jean Says:

    Barack “the Swine-Flu Salesman” Obama would like you believe all that bullshit about the virus H1N1. He surely is one of the “big names” among conspirators in that seemingly world-wide criminal plot using the manufactured H1N1-based virus as a starting point to spread fear among populations, while “propagating” the contamination in a two-front assault: physically, as through the pandemic flu itself, and psychologically, as in the manipulation of the media altogether in order to spread fear and instill a sort of “controlled chaos”. In that way, the criminals will be able to achieve their goals of gloom and doom, whether it is for huge profits purposes (implying the pharmaceutical lobbies Obama wanted to fight against during the Primaries!), or for any other dark reasons kept secret. The industry of the crime, so to speak, is behind that calculated plot which uses humanity as guinea pigs for pseudo-medical purposes: Would you still trust WHO, CDC, the UN, your corrupted government or local agencies after such a big lie? The so-called swine flu is not only the biggest hoax in the history of America, it is probably the most horrendous scandal in the history of the world after the Third Reich. The New World Order want to do something about you, man! They (the worldwide organized crime) want to take care of you… Big Brother has turned into an Helloween monster called “swine flu”. He wants you to be inoculated with his “witches brew vaccine” that contains rotten eggs, shark blood, perhaps with some sort of snake oil and mercury! Mercury?? Yep, the very poisonous heavy metal that is absolutely not recommended by grand ma as a remedy for neurologic disorders, Autism and Alzeimer’s disease. Sorry to say this, but I -who was a huge partisan or “fan” of mister Obama during the campaign and the few first months of his presidency- no longer believe a word from that government, no more so than that of our canadian government of liars and dubious profit makers. Obama, Harper, and many others accomplices are crime partners and should be made accountable for what is goin’ on wrong today in the world. Their bad medicine shouldnt be accepted by populations. After all, do they take all of us for puppets or pure idiots? Their diabolic machination must be stopped, before we pay a price far too high collectively. Also, M Ghadaffi, pres. from Lybia, spoke the truth at the UN assembly in New York City when he declared being very concerned by the H1N1 virus outbreak and the suspicious activities going on around it, knowing that the virus came from experimental (unnatural) sources developped in research laboratories. In fact, the cold truth is that the intent is not to heal or make the populations healthier, it seems that it is to kill or make sicker many inhabitants of a region, a country, a world. Perhaps Mike Jackson was “deleted” because he knew too much about those dirty secrets (some say the CIA could have been involved). Perhaps the vaccine is the beat way to slowly and slyly kill a part of the “surpopulated” planet? Perhaps there is evidence as to the H1N1 “hoax” being used as a bio mass weapon to take control of our lives? One thing is sure, this is all manipulation and, by the way, a very efficient way to make diversion from the bad economic and geopolitic realities. While we all discuss H1N1, while we gather round it as the main issue, we no longer ask questions to the president about Irak, Afghanistan, Iran, North Korea, etc. Is it ironic that a president who “wanted so much” to set up a new, “more democratic” health care system, will suddenly be the voice of big profit pharmaceutical juggernauts and money laundry companies? I am puzzled. And you too should be perplex, indeed. God bless America, and lock the H1N1 crooks in jail!

  3. frusty-z-boyas Says:

    And Obamas want to send one million more troops to Afghanistan within the next few years. Whew!

  4. Anthony1138 Says:

    one will watch the news and wonder, how many people believe everything the news says without question? (example pot was supposbly linked to skitsofrenia by the mainsteam media, and then not even a week later disproven by scienists) in todays “modern” socitiy, you question the news (mainsteam media) you are labeled as insane, or crazy.

    Seeing in the past few months the stock market crashed and everyone goes in dept beyond anything they could ever pay off, and h1n1 strikes everyone starts fearing it for thier lives, the goverment comes out with a vaccine, saying there is a limited supply so get it while you can.

    Which is f***** up cause knowing our goverments they would make a s*** load till they had a bunch leftover, let me clear something for you people, when someone is said to be limited people try even harder to get it.

    The (several differnt) goverments have been releasing reports to the people saying they shouldnt listen to anyone telling them not to get the h1n1 vaccine
    which indicates that they want to make sure everyone has this vaccine

    when the vaccine came out thousands and thousands of people flocked to thier local hospitals doctors offices (anywhere you can get the flu shot), I unlike many others refused to get the h1n1 vaccine, to this day i still havn’t, and i have shown sighs of being immune to this h1n1

    my mom got the vaccine however, she became incredibly sick and now has immonia,ive read several reports stating that a good percentage of people have been getting sick and some are even dying from the vaccine

    now im not saying the goverment is out to get you, just this is a pretty big f*** up, especilly since the virus was manmade (made from slicing certain flu viruses together)

    some say the goverment created and released this virus to combat the over-popluation issue, if that is the case then it is a logical act, although death is something most fear and resent, it is natural, and certain events need to happen, like the death of 5 million people (maybe sometime in feburary)

    if you are dying or infected (at risk of dying) just enjoy the time you have left, its sad but alot of you people cannot be helped, if overpopluation comes in effect, freash water and food will start to fade away, and worse diseases set in play

    this virus is to combat over-popluation, and for that im in a 50-50 support of the act the goverment has made, its the most logical choice , the alternative, is…much much worse