Barack Obama Nationality Scandal

January 9, 2010

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obama conspiracyThere have been rumbles of unrest around the world regarding Obama’s nationality since the day he stated he would run for the presidency.  Now, after more than a year as president of the USA, the rumbles have turned into a full on eruption.

The Barack Obama nationality scandal is refusing to burn itself out and seems to be gathering even more speed with Congressman Nathan Deal questioning the eligibility of Obama to hold the presidency.  This is the first time in history that a serving president has been questioned about eligibility by a member of congress.

Over the last week the internet has been reporting this story with the blogosphere almost going into meltdown over the latest developments yet no mainstream media seem interested in the story that just won’t go away for Obama.

Congressman Deal asked the president to prove that he is legally entitled to hold the presidency electronically on December 1st 2009.  This communication was confirmed received by Obama’s staff but has yet to be responded to.

Even though the president has already produced his short-form birth certificate in order to stop these questions, he has spent a large amount of taxpayers money (estimated to be more than two million dollars) ensuring that the long-form certificate is kept from the public – an action that has raised more than a few eyebrows along the way.

Throughout the campaign trail and longer, Obama made promises of the most transparent administration than any other so why the need to hide a simple birth certificate?  Many claim that the whole situation is a complete waste of time and distracting but supporters of the question refuse to stop asking more and more questions.

It seems that the original question seems to have caused a stir not just in America but worldwide with thousands of people doing independent research in an attempt to get the facts out.  The problem with independent research is that it is hard to verify where the alleged facts came from and when they are traced back its not unusual to find that it stemmed from opinion.

With several birth certificates doing the rounds,  many proven as hoaxes, the ‘official’ birth certificate in the Obama nationality scandal seems to prove that the president was in fact a British Subject at birth.  On the website dedicated to protecting Obama from smears, Fight The Smears, there is an electronic copy of the birth certificate showing that Obama was born a British Subject.  This in itself has been the cause for much speculation on how, why and when nationality was transferred.

Obama’s nationality scandal doesn’t seem to be going anywhere at the moment and even the secret service seem to be taking an interest in anyone questioning Obama’s nationality with visits being made for security reasons.  Reported last week at Mother Jones, more and more people who have raised issue are being visited by the secret service and being left feeling very intimidated.

No matter what side of the fence you sit on this scandal seems set to stay around for a long time to come.

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17 Responses to “Barack Obama Nationality Scandal”

  1. Brian Says:

    Ron Polarik (As well as many other experts), say the COLB is fake. He even explains it in a video on you tube. Why doesn’t the COLB have a second fold line online? Why was it taken down from the internet then reposted several times, each in less quality format? Why don’t people realize it was possible under Hawaiian law to obtain a certificate of Hawaiian birth (then convertible to a COLB), back in 1961? (Submitting an affidavit to register a child with Hawaii DoH automatically triggers birth announcements too) Why did Obama’s grandmother say she was present at his birth in Kenya? (Google Kweli Shuhubia Affidavit for full transcript.) Why doesn’t the media report on the issue when nearly 500,000 people have signed a petition saying they want to see the long form birth certificate? Why did they hold Congressional hearings (Which Obama attended) to determine whether or not McCain was Constitutionally eligible? (Google eye popper: nancy pelosy), why are records in Mombasa Kenya’s Coastal Province Hospital purported to be “Top Secret”? Why are there officials at both Hospitals in Hawaii ready to deflect those inquiring about Obama’s vital records? AND HERE’S THE BIG ONE… Wait for it… Why!!!!? Doesn’t Obama just release his long form Birth Certificate instead of hiring high class lawyers (Which have ran up a hefty bill of around at least 1mil), to fight off cases where even high ranking military officers are concerned!?

  2. Krist Says:

    The requirement for Obama to provide satisfactory proof he is Constitutionally eligible to be a US President is in his Court. It has been in his count for over 2 years when he decided to run. It is NOT for all of us to prove; it is for obama to prove; and UNTIL he does he needs to move his little Trojan Horse out of the White House.

    The Federal Courts have not been upholding the US Constitution. They have been avoiding this most highest of questions on which the Country depends. That is something the People will have to address at some point; Judicial Reform.

    Obama must be deleted as if he never were; because he never WAS!

  3. Krist Says:

    I sure hope the taxpayers are not paying for his cover up for his elgibility. It was his decision to run; it was his decision to cause this deception and cover up.

    And the US Attorney General should not be defending him on this subject in court; Eric Holder and Obama are long time friends; there would not certainly be bias.

  4. Robert Spivacke Says:

    I agree with everything above. There are just to many questions concerning his birth that the White house just refuses to answer. If everything was on the up and up and legal, all these protective safety precautions would not be needed in Kenya and Hawaii. That in itself says something is wrong. In addition, what about his passport to travel that is in question. That also has never been answered. As far as I am concerned, he is “Acting President” until all the proof is put out to the public that is currently being questioned. Enough is enough, and he our Congressmen and Senators can’t force the issue, they all need to be place during the up-coming elections. I am also a believer that their terms should match the Presidents. No more than two terms. It should not be a Career Move, but rather temporary position to serve those that elected them.
    It is also time for the Military to step in and questions all this as well.
    After all, he is the Commander-In-Chief, or rather “Acting” at this time.

  5. dave Says:

    what does it matter where he was born or even if he is American citizen? He’s the best ‘American’ to hold office for a long time. I’ve never see anyone in American or even my own countries politics thats actually inspired me or the millions of other people who have rallied behind him.
    I don’t care where he is from, he makes me and many other believe a country is capable of turning itself around.

    I’d rather a foreign Obama to a pure bred Texan like Bush anyday….

  6. William Galloway Says:

    The president already knew that he was going to have lots of road blocks on his way to and after winning the presidency. But arent there certain things, like birth documents, you might have to show before even being consisdered for president? I believe his opposition is trying to light a “media fire” on anything they can find on him…its funny to me though that the last eight years are kind of forgotten now that there is a black man who may or may not be eligible for office. Try working with the man instead of against him and things might get a little better a little faster…but probibly not, we have a history of electing “not so stand up guys”…but we all forget even as president they are still human.
    .-= William Galloway´s last blog ..Global Warming Claims Dumbfound Thousands =-.


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